Download Flashify Premium Apk

Hello Friends, this is our new article and in this article we are going to discuss a new tool from which you can flash your custom recovery and boot image and the name of the tool if Flashify Premium Apk, the Flashify is the beautiful, useful app for the rooted Android device which Flashes the recovery, zip files, boot, backup recovery and it does more to connected task as soon as the easy mechanism. In fact that this is must have app for the anyone heavily addicted to the custom ROM use. And you will locate the no enlarged option than the Flashify Apk download to flash the custom recoveries, Boot images, kernels and in addition to supporting the zip update files too.

The Flashify Premium apk is now available for the rooted Android device. With the help of Flashify Premium apk you can easily recover the lost data and sometimes it will remove and you are looking for the solution which can help you to recover or restore it immediately. You have to download the Apk of Flashify root best features and functions as well to do the work faster than the other applications. To get the healthy satisfaction of the working performance from the application. Download the Flashify Premium Apk from the official website and install it to start working quickly. It is absolutely free and easy to download. The quick working ability is added by its developer to provide the best effort from the application.


The Flashify Apk is the tool application for the Android device which flashes or install some .img file like the kernel, recovery, etc directly on your Android device without any need of a custom recovery. The root access is needed in order to use it.

The Flashify Apk is very helpful to flash some .img files on your Android device, especially if the device does not have the custom recovery installed. So now you can flash or install .img files extension like recovery, kernel, directly. 

Features of Flashify Premium Apk:

  • The Flashify Premium apk will boot and recover the .img file without even needing to go into recovery.
  • It downloads and flashes the CWM, TWRO, Franco kernel, Philz, Gapps, Stock Nexus Kernel or Stock Nexus Recovery (Premium).
  • The full Android restores when it uses TWRP/Philz recovery.
  • It flashes the zip files. Option to wipe the cache, Dalvik, and data when using the TWRP or Philz recovery.
  • Automatic Loki patch when it’s needed.
  • It restores the kernel and recovery using SD card or cloud.
  • It flashes the multiple files and builds your flash line.
  • Keep track of the recently flashed items.
  • It flashes from anywhere. If you want to flash from your favorite File Explorer or the Email app, then there is no problem, it also works together with the Flashify to root the users.

Flashify Premium Apk Supported Device :

The software is mostly tested with the Nexus device and it should work with the majority of Android device having the Android version 2.2 or above and you also want to root your device to use this software as it wants the root privileges to flash the images into your Android device.

  • Nexus 4
  • Nexus 7
  • Kindle Fire HD 7
  • Nexus 5
  • Nexus 8
  • Google Nexus 5P
  • Google Nexus 6P

These are the devices in which the Flashify app was tested and it works fine on these devices.

How to use Flashify Premium App:

  • Root your device and get the root advantage for Flashify Apk.
  • Download the IMG file on your Android device which you want to install on your device, you can use any recovery IMG just like the TWRP, CWM, Philips, etc.
  • Download the Flashify Premium Apk from the official website.
  • Open the Flashify app and give the permission for the root access.
  • Click on the recovery image and select the patch where you have to keep the recovery image.

How to Download Flashify Apk for PC:

The Flashify application is available in the form of Apk in most of the websites. The Apk is not working on the PC. Now I will tell you how to download the Flashify app on your PC with the step by step procedure.


  • First, you need to download the Android emulator on your PC. Download the KOPLAYER emulator.
  • Once the installation is complete open the KOPLAYER and logs in it with the Google Play Store.
  • Open the Google Play Store and search and download the Flashify app.
  • Install the Flashify Premium Apk on your PC and launch it. Now you can easily use the Flashify app on your PC.

How to Download the Flashify Apk on your Android device:

  • Download the Flashify Apk from the official website.
  • Wait till the file is downloading.
  • Go to the settings of your phone and check the tick mark for “Unknown Sources”.
  • Install the app, launch it and enjoy.


The Flashify apk is the easy and convenient way of Flashing recovery images into your mobile. The Flashify premium apk can be used by anyone because it is easy to use. Before installing the Recovery image check which recovers the image on your device only if it is of the other device and you flash the image it will brick your device so be careful when you downloading and installing the image.

I hope after reading this article you will get all the knowledge about Flashify app. The Flashify premium app will help you to flash and recover all the files in your device is rooted once. Thank you to read our article, if still, you have any query, then comment on the comment box which is available at the end of the page.


Justalk App Download

The modern technology has made it easy for the people to communicate with their loved ones across all over the world very comfortably. One of the most outstanding sources of communication is your Android devices and more importantly the internet. To communicate with your loved ones you need such applications and software which allow the users to send and receive the photos, audio, text messages or must have the video call and audio call features built in. Therefore, it helps their users to communicate with their relatives and colleagues easily, we have brought the Android application which is known as “Justalk App“. The Justalk app is video calls and free chat app that is one of the most famous Android application which has been downloaded millions of times. The Android users like this app and its features.

Talk to your friend not only on the Android mobiles, but also the Android users make the video call to the iPhone users. The Justalk Facetime video call Apk is one of the great interruptions provides the best platform to the chat without bearers. The latest version is available for free to download and the latest Apk file is suitable for all the Android devices. You can easily download the Justalk App from the official website and launch it on your mobile to configure the app on your Android mobiles, but before going to install and have a look into the key features of the App.


The Facetime video calls for the Android comes with the multiple features and the performance improvement. If you have the Android version 2.3_2.3.2 and up, then you can exercise almost all the features on your Android device.

What is Justalk App?

As we discussed earlier that the Justalk App is the Android application and it allows the Android users to make the communication with their friend and relatives across the border and within the country without any charges for free. Nowadays, it is important to talk with the relatives and the friends in order to know their condition particularly when they are living in abroad. The Justalk app is the most appropriate application for the purpose to allow its user to make the free video calls through which the users can chat with their loved ones live face to face.

The Justalk app is created by the Ningbo Juphoon System Software Company and this mobile application is the first upload of 2013 for the first time of Android Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. It is a simple mobile software which received an overall 5-star rating from its users who already installs this application on their devices.

The Justalk app is made for the Android devices, but now it is available for the iOS devices too. The little piece of software falls under the Social Networking category and have the 77,181.00 KB file size on the Apple’s app store.

Features of Justalk App :

  • It will configure your contact with the Justalk account and add all your list to your account.
  • Easily send the message to the iPhone users, then you can make an easy call to your iPhone users.
  • Easily create the account on Facetime app.
  • Chat with your friend those are using the Android and iPhone.
  • It will make the voice and video calls in HD quality for both the users.
  • Use your Facebook account to sign in or provide your cell number to create the account.
  • It will create the groups and invite your friend to join the group. You can also arrange the video and voice group discussion and make the conference calls.
  • You can also conduct your monthly or the weekly meetings and conduct the survey easily. You can also make the calls and present your views on meetings.
  • The Justalk app will automatically configure the list on your new Facetime account. Just follow the instruction on your phone.
  • The voice quality in this app is good and you can also hear the voice clearly even if you are in the noisy place you can easily talk with your friend without any voice breaks.

The Justalk app is very simple to use and easy to install.

How to Download the Justalk App for Android:

  • First, go to the Google Play Store to download the Justalk app for Android. If you do not want to download it from the Google Play Store, then you can use the Apk Downloader to download the Justalk App.
  • Once you install it properly, then you have to provide all necessary permissions.
  • Open the app and follow the on screen instruction to install it on your Android device.

How to Download the Justalk App for iOS:

  • The Justalk app for iOS is available on the Apple’s app store and you can download it from the official website.
  • Downloading will start shortly.
  • Wait till the installation will be finished.

    Requirements for Justalk App video calls and Free Chat App:


The Justalk video calls and free chat app requires Android version 4.0 or more than that.


The Justalk video calls and free chat app works on the internet connection.


You have to register your account on the Justalk video call app.


So that is the complete information about Justalk app which is available for both the Android and iOS users. I hope after reading this article you will get all the information about Justalk app. If still, you have any query, then comment on the comment box which is available at the end of the page.

Flashing App For Android

Hi friends here i’m writing a simple article about Flashing App For Android.If you are the Android addict, then you are probably running the custom ROM right now. That is awesome, the process takes to get there is hard as the fun. The only compounds upon itself if you are what people call the “frequent flasher”. On the off chance that you streak the new ROM once in a while or you get a kick out of the chance to frequently refresh your telephone with the most current ROMs, you are well acquainted with the trials and blow it takes to arrive.

For doing this you need to download the right file, then transfer them to your phone, download the Google apps, take the backup of your current ROM and apps, boot it into recovery and finally flash it. But still, your work is not completely done. Next, you need to boot up, sign in and restore your apps. If you are doing this about once in a month, then it is manageable and it can even be fun.

It totally depends on your tolerance level, flashing can get irritating quickly. Your time could be spent playing with the cool features of your ROM.

If you ever want to flash a new ROM on your Android device but did not have the patience to deal with the whole flashing process, then I remember spending hours trying to transfer, flash, download, reboot, wait, reboot, all just to try out the new ROM. I don’t have the time for this anymore and it had been nicer to able flash the ROM straight from the app with an emotional interface. Some of the apps are available on the Google Play Store.

Before we go on, I must tell you that the flashing an Android ROM is not the new procedure. It is similar to switch on your phone operating system and if you make the mistake, then you could end up surface your phone. There are lots of great ROMs out there which can really transform your phone into the something special, but it comes with the risks.

Here is the List of Top Flashing apps For Android:

1 ) CM Updater Flashing App :

You can easily find it by going into the settings -> About phone -> CyanogenMod updates. It depends on your device stability with the CM and your personal courage, then you can find the new nightlies to download it every couple of days. The nightly builds are classified as unstable, but do not stop the majority of flasher from using them especially the Android enthusiast. If you prefer to be more on the safe side, then choose the Milestone or Snapshot releases.

Select the type of update which you are looking for the Update types and then tap check for updates. You will see the list of new releases. Tap on the button on the right edge of the release name to download it. Once it downloaded, then tap on the same button to flash it. It means you won’t have to perform the recovery yourself. Within a couple of minutes, you will have an updated ROM.

2 ) ROM Manager Flashing App :

The ROM Manager is one of the best apps when it comes to managing ROMs. It supports your device completely, it is the best piece of software of any flasher can have. Not only will update the ClockworkMod recovery for you, and it will do the things like downloading the fresh ROMs, flash them, even take the backup of your current ROM or restore the old ones directly from the app. When you have chosen your alternatives, at that point the application will consequently reboot into recuperation and play out the doled out errand without requesting any assistance from your side.

The free version of ROM Manager is ad-supported with the limited feature. The pro version will give you the premium list of downloaded ROMs and it even offers the delta updates. Instead of downloading the whole ROM file, you can only download the changes.

The free version of the app is great for creating and managing the backups for the entire system. It will allow you to transfer the backups to your PC over the air. If you are using the CWM ROM Manager is one of the best ways to keep your recovery up to date.

3 ) Flashify Flashing App :

The Flashify is the new ROM Management app which has been tested and conforms to work with the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and Nexus 4. All the other devices are under the “your own risk” policy, but in most of the part, it should work well enough. The Flashify has the pretty interface which I have really taken to like and it has the various number of features to go along with it.

  • It flashes the multiple ROMs at once.
  • It integrates neatly with most Android file explorer apps.
  • The flash ROMs without entering recovery mode.
  • The backup and restore using your SD card or the Dropbox. With the help of Dropbox, you can sync across the devices as well.

You can use the Flashify app for free with only one limitation, it allows you to flash up to 3 times in a day. But with an in-app purchase for just $1.99 USD, you can remove that limitation. Just like all the other tools in this roundup, the Flashify requires your phone to root in order to work.

4 ) Gapps Manager Flashing App :

If you want to update or install the ROMs in an old fashioned way, that is, booting into the manually and recovery select the option, then you also have to download the ROM file and Gapps on your own. Find the Gapps these days are getting more difficult because each small release of the Android needs the new set. You also have to choose the essential Gapps, the medium package, and all the other apps. In the total, these take up more than the 200MB.


Download Tutuapp for IOS(Ipad/Iphone)

Tutuapp for IOS: Now you can download many of apps and games from the official store as like Apples’s App store, But the fact is that they don’t have all the apps that which you may need. even if they are available you need to pay for them and use. For example, if you want to record or need to capture the screen of your IOS, you need to install a screen recording app. Now if such app is not available on your app store. so, what you gonna do?

Now you can install the third- party app marketplace app called Tutuapp on your IOS Handset or Device. By doing this so, you will access to use thousands of apps, like screen recorders, like which are not available on in the app store. And, also now you can download many tweaks and also hacked games and plenty more other apps. In the Blog we gonna help you how to install the Tutuapp on IOS without having any Jailbreak the device. Stay tuned!

Also, Check how the installation process of apptutu apk done on Android devices.

How to download Tutuapp for IOS 10, 10.2, 10.3 On iphone?


As per my knowledge you might have already guessed that Tutuapp IOS cannot be downloaded from the official App store. That is why we will use the workaround, Which is also called as the side-loading. it is very safe and secured and it is practiced by millions pf the users over the worldwide.

If you can remember, earlier,side-loading could not be done or completed without jail breaking the IOS Device or Handset. Thankfully, The developers have made it and invented the way to sidesteps the hassles and ramification of jail breaking. hence, this article or Write-up, we gonna see how to download Tutuapp for IOS without any Jail breaking.

Device and Platform Compatibility: Now this is the most important factor to be considered before we start for the installing process. That good news is that Tutuapp IOS is completely compatible with very wide range of the devices. Now the most and interesting news is that the Tutuapp for IOS download is available on the latest firmware and device version as well.

Now you can install Tutuapp for IOS 10 and all of it’s supporting files.
But the app is available on IOS 9 and all replication

As far as the devices are Concerned, Now you can install Tutuapp for Iphone,Ipod Touch and Ipad with Compatible IOS.

Now Tutuapp can also be downloaded on the oldest version of the IOS. But it may not be that stable as you would like to use. For exemplar you could download tutuapp IOS app for Ipad running IOS 8. However, now it has been optimized  for the most recent firmware versions.

Now if you want to check the compatible on IOS , Now go to the settings app >> Open General>> Select About.

Also Check our latest post about is tutuapp virus ?

Follow the Below mentioned steps to install Tutuapp on IOS 10 (Iphone 7/7/6 Plus/Ipad ):

Now with device compatibility checked, let’s Now see how get it done or install Tutuapp on IOS. Here are step by step process:

  • Now Tap on your Safari browser on the IOS device. Please be aware of the fake sites as i said which may cause jail breaking on your device.
  • Now open this link in your Safari
  • Now when the page is loading (Now it may take some little bit of time) Now you can see two options on your screen like, VIP and Regular/Free: Click on the option called Regular/free to Install tutuapp for free.
  • Now on the next web page you need to click on the Button that reads”Download Now” It’s a very big download bar, which can be seen on the screen. you can find the very easily.
  • Click “Install” On the confirmation pop-up that appears on the screen whether to download or not or wish to install Tutuapp.
  • Now the installation process will begin immediately and now you can go back to the IOS home scrren. Here, now you can see a Tutuapp Icon dimmed. you need to wait untill the app get’s installed to use the app successfully.
  • Now even it’s done with the installation completely, you may not be able to use the app or run the app. Some of the “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” error will be keep on popping up. This can be taken very easily without any tension.

Now if you have installed Tutuapp for IOS 10.2.1 now you need to trust the profile first. Here are some of the step:

  1. Now open the settings on your IOS.
  2. Go to the general settings.
  3. Select the option called ‘Profiles & Device Management’.
  4. Now find and tap on the enterprise profile for Tutuapp.
  5. Now the final step  is “Trust It”.
  6. Now you can easily able to run this Tutuapp on your IOS device without any Problems.


Now there is no other market place where you can find this type of app called Tutuapp at this time for sure.  it’s app collection highly incredible and it’s interface is simply superb and also very- friendly. There is everything that available what you need through this third-party store. Now just go ahead and give a try. it’s absolutely free of cost. you will certainly be surprised for sure. Good Day!

Hex Editor APK

The Hex editor Apk is the multi purpose and the unique application to edit the two fold of data in Android devices, tablets and in the other Smartphones. The Hex app is developed by the GoAndroid. The app can assist you to the binary data is denoted as the order of bytes in the raw. It will help to the people to evaluate the change and view data in the app.

The user can exchange the data by creating the new data editing, existing the data with this nice Apk and it will easily install and within the reach to use. The Hex editor apk is the unique tool for the people who are working with the Hex, float, binary data and decimal. The user could remove and recreate the data at any time. It could save and load the visual history and create the patches too.

The Hex editor apk is the type of computer program which allows for the control of fundamental binary that establishes a computer file. The name of the Hex comes from the hexadecimal, it is the standard numerical format to represent the binary data. A typical computer file which occupies the multiple areas on the record of a disk drive, whose contents are combined to form the file. The Hex editor apk which is designed to resolve and edit sector data from the physical segment of the floppy or the hard disks are known as sector editors or the disk editors.

Details about the Hex Editor Apk :

With the help of Hex editor apk, the user can see or edit the raw and exact contents of a file, as conflicting of the same content which other higher level application software may fellow with the file format.

The Hex editor apk may be used to correct the corrupted data by the system or application program problems where it may not be beneficial to write the special program for making the correction. They are used to bypass the application edit checks which may prevent the correction of inaccurate data. They have been used to patch the executable programs to change or add the few instructions as the alternative of recompilation program. The program fixes for IBM centralized computer frameworks are now and again circulated as the patches as opposed to the convey an entire duplicate of the influenced program.

In most of the Hex editor applications, the data of your computer file will represent the hexadecimal values grouped in the 4 groups of 4 bytes which are followed by the one group 16 printable ASCll characters which are comparable to each pair of the hex values. The Non-printable ASCll characters and the characters which take more than the one character space are represented by the dot in the following ASCll field.

Features of Hex Editor APK

In the article below we tell you some exciting features which you will experience after you download the Hex Editor Apk:

  • It is easy to download and easy to use.
  • It commands Android application.
  • It will edit your binary data quickly to get the Hex Editor application.
  • It is best for the Android phone, Smartphones, and tablets.
  • It is a unique and versatile application.

Template System in Hex editor Apk :

The some Hex editor apk offers the template system which can present the sequence of bytes of the binary file in a structured way, covering part or all of the desired file format. The GUI for the template is the separate tool window next to the main Hex editor . The cheat engine system consists only the such a template GUI.

The template represents the list of labeled text boxes so that the individual value of the file can be easily edited in the proper format. It is important to find the right offset in the file where that value is too charged is stored. The crude Hex altering may require the transformation from the hexadecimal to decimal, providing food for byte arrange or other the information sort change disposition.

The templates can be stored as the file which can be exchanged by the users and often it shared publicly on the manufacturer website. Not all the Hex editor characterizes their own layout record design and there is no pattern to help the standard or even the similarity between the different arrangement out in nature.

Supported Android Versions

  • Gingerbread
  • Ice Cream Sandwich
  • KitKat
  • Honeycomb
  • Jelly Bean
  • Lollipop

Early History of Hex Editor Apk :

Since the invention of the computer and their different users, the variety of file format has been created. It was comfortable to access the data as the series of raw digits. The program, which is known as SUPERZAP was available for the IBM system which could edit the raw disk records and also understand the format of executable files. The pair of the Hexadecimal digit is the current standard because of the various majority of machines and the file format in use today to handle the data in units or group of 8-bit bytes. The Hexadecimal and also the octal are common because these digits allow one to see which bits in the byte are set. The decimal instead of the hexadecimal representation is becoming the second most popular option due to the familiar number base and additional helper tools, such as the template system and the data inspectors which reduce the benefits of hexadecimal numeric format.

Hex Editor Apk Review :

Now we are presenting the very unique and versatile application to edit the binary data on your Android device. The Hex editor apk has the amazing things for those people who work with the ASCII, decimal, double, hex, float, and binary data. The Hex editor apk has the ability it will help you to analyze and view your data in the app and it exchange the data through the clipboard and it will create the new data. In this amazing application, you can save and load the visual history. The Hex has the floats, edit mode and the double word in the patch creation. So if you want to edit your binary data quickly, then get the Hex editor app. This app proves very interesting and workable for the users.

CF Auto Root Apk Download

The CF Auto Root Apk is the amazing rooting tool for the Android users, which offered by the mini made and this tool allows you to root your device within the seconds. It will be the quickest and easiest way to root your device without any cost. Now you can easily root your Android devices. After rooting you will download this efficient tool on your device and get the benefit of its latest and updated features.

If you are the beginner, then the CF Auto Root Apk for android is the best rooting tool for you. After the installing this setup file on your Android device rooting experience is awesome. The success ratio of this app is 100% without any doubt.

It will simplify the whole process in the easiest way. The CF Auto Root apk support for almost all the Samsung devices include the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as the result. Basically, the tool is almost Odin based which is introduced by the XDA developers and make it comfortable for the Windows OS users. You will able to install it on your windows operating system and it can root only your Android device.

The CF Auto Root apk is the rooting tool for the emerging beginners and for those who want to keep an eye as close to stock as possible. The CF Auto Root apk for android is designed to use in the combination with the stock Samsung firmware and probably the speediest and the easiest way for your first root. By nature, it simply installs and enables the SuperSU.

Once your Android phone is rooted, then every app which requires root license will ask for it and the app called superuser jumps to the rescue, so you can allow or deny those permissions when they are needed accordingly to the situation. It works, but it can be annoying. The SuperSU for the Android device is a free utility which will keep the track of the apps you have to grant those wages, so they do not keep asking, keep track of how often the app uses for those permissions to function and the overall it makes your life a little easier and happier. The SuperSU will be on your system, so the apps can gain root access. It was the basic introduction to get the knowledge of CF Auto Root Apk.

The rooting of an Android device can always expose the more features than the device can do primarily and it is one of the ways to recover or restore any lost data which was deleted or lost, previously present on the Android phone. The rooting is not damaging your phone. The learning of rooting an Android device is important for the every Android users. It is also crucial to choose the right rooting tool and the method because there are multiple Android brands and models. The promoter of Android OS happens rather regularly.

The rooting can be easy as it is difficult for all the Android devices because of the organized range of models, OS and the brands are available in the market. In the most of the cases, users can quickly locate the third party tool like KingRoot, iRoot, Root Genius, etc. to benefit, then with the root Android device which is running on the Android OS lower than the 4.4 well. The indication of the device which is running on an operating system above the Android OS 4.4, these are handy tools allow to be in vain.

Features of CF Auto Root Apk :

  • The CF Auto Root Apk is the free rooting tool for all the Android users.
  • It can support the following device such as Samsung Galaxy S1, S2, S3, Galaxy Note, Galaxy nexus and much more.
  • It is easy to install and used.
  • It can assist you to root your device without wait any longer.
  • It can support for 50+ models of devices.
  • And much more……

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Device through CF Auto Root Apk

For the CF Auto Root apk you require a little guidance, the rooting tool is known as CF Auto Root in Odin comes here as your Christ. The CF Auto Root apk for android gives the feature to root almost all and any model of Samsung devices and with the exclusion of the one which is bootloader locked like those of AT&T. So before rooting the Samsung device you use, and then check the several things as follow:

  1. Find the model of your Samsung device, Download and install the CF Auto Root apk file on your PC. It should be noted which CF Auto Root apk for android will take the while to appeal for the new Galaxy device on the linked page, so discounted of the kind of Samsung Galaxy device is being used, you can find the corresponding file packages.
  2. It should make sure that the battery percentage or the power on your Samsung device is not less than the 80 percent for the procedure to follow.
  3. The make to backup of every data which is present on your Samsung device. It will reduce the risk of losing data and the information during the rooting process.

Steps to Root Samsung Galaxy Device Android 4.4 or above:

To begin with, you will be required to download the Samsung Mobile Device driver, the Samsung Odin Software and finally the CF Auto Root apk file for your device. Make sure that you have to undo the CF Auto Root apk for android which you have downloaded in the preparation step of CF Auto Root app.

Follow the steps to address the beginning of your own Samsung rooting process through the CF Auto Root apk.

  • Press the Home Button, volume down button and the power button at the same time until your device is in its specific download stage. After that, the user can run the Odin on your PC and connect your Samsung Galaxy device to the computer with the USB cable.
  • When the Odin window will show you the message of saving “Added”, then it means the connection is safely rooted.
  • Click on the App tab on the Odin window to you, then select the CF Auto Root apk file which you unzipped earlier for the CF Auto Root apk. Check the option of Auto reboot and the Reset time, then uncheck the option for the Re-partition respectively.
  • Click on the start button to begin the rooting process and wait for the process to end it smoothly.

Easy Rooting Toolkit Apk

Hello, friends, this is our new article and in this article, we are going to provide an awesome android apk for the Android devices, which is known as the Easy Rooting Toolkit apk. The Easy Rooting Toolkit is one of the best and powerful Android app which allows you to root your devices easily without any trouble and free. If you have the Android device and your device is not working properly and it’s showing the back to back poor programs, then you have to download the Easy Rooting Toolkit Apk and install it on your device then root your device. The Easy Rooting Toolkit is the easiest tool to root device which we have arranged for your Android device.

If you want the easy and simple application to root your Android device, then you have to choose a great app for rooting your Android device because the given application is helpful and easy for you. With the easy rooting toolkit apk, you can root all the Android device such as Qmobile, LG, Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, HTC and else with the simple rooting method. By the help of this easy rooting toolkit apk on your Smartphone, you can easily root your device with simple one touch without a PC or Desktop or anybody help.

Rooting your device is a dangerous process. Make sure that at the time of rooting your device can go to death and breakup. Before going to root your phone, please must know about what is rooting and its usage. If you have the knowledge about rooting process, then root your phone or the tablet without wasting any more time. If you do not know, then don’t worry about it. In this, we will guide you to easily and securely root your device.

For rooting your Android device, first, you have to download the Easy Rooting Toolkit android apk on your Android device from the official site. This is one of the best, simple and easy rooting toolkit apkwhich is used by the many people to root the most of Android brands by just one click. To download the easy Rooting Toolkit app for your Android device from the official website and simple root using it. Download the free easy Rooting Toolkit APK for your Android device and root your mobile simply.

The latest version of the Easy Rooting Toolkit app has been launched. The Easy Rooting Toolkit latest apk is available on the Android app store to free download. This version is the latest update for the Android devices. The Easy Rooting Toolkit is the Android app which provided by the DooMLorD which allows you to root and unroot any Android device.

The Easy Rooting Toolkit apk have some similarities with the other rooting apps like instant Root Apk, Towelroot v5 Apk, Z4Root Apk and other. If you want to unroot or root any Android device, then follow the steps to download and install the Easy Rooting Toolkit Apk file on your Android device to root or unroot your Android device. It is all in one root Apk and easy for use and it mostly used for the rooting. Download the Rooting Toolkit app latest version from the App Store to root your Android device with the help of Rooting Toolkit Apk.

Features of Easy Rooting Toolkit Apk :

  • It is a completely free tool.
  • It allows you to root any Android device.
  • The Easy Rooting Toolkit apk  is the number one app for Rooting any android device.
  • It is easy to download and easy to use.
  • It roots all the devices without any cable connection.
  • Easily display and root.
  • It allows you to easily reboot your device.
  • It is the license free tool.
  • It is available for free of cost.
  • One of the best and powerful rooting device.

If you want to download the Easy Rooting Toolkit apk, then you are at the right place. Download the app from the official website and follow the provided download link on the website and you will get it free. The Easy Rooting Toolkit is the offline installer tool you can install this tool without any internet connection on your device. Now the Easy Rooting Toolkit Apk is ready to download and you will get it for free.

How to Root with the Easy Rooting Toolkit APK :

  • First, download the Apk file of this Easy Rooting Toolkit on your Android device.
  • When the downloading is completed, then open the file and select the Unknown source to install the app on your device.
  • After the installation, click on the app icon to open it on your phone.
  • Just one touch on the Root circle button and wait for the few moments.
  • Now your device is finally rooted.

File Details:

  • File Name = Easy Rooting Toolkit
  • Version = v4.42
  • Require System = All Android OS
  • Size = 9.5 MB
  • Developer = KingRoot Studio
  • Price = Free


It supports all the Android devices, it might sound impressive, but keep in mind that there are over 24000+ unique Android device is available on the market and it is a very constant estimate. It supports many Samsung devices, including Galaxy S3.

I hope after reading this article we will get all the information about the Easy Rooting Toolkit. Basically, the Easy Rooting Toolkit Apk is the tool which helps to root your Android device. It will support in all the Android devices. In the above article, we discuss the feature of the Easy Rooting Toolkit and how to your device with the help of Easy Rooting Toolkit. If still, you have any query, then comment on the comment box which is available at the end of the page.

Download Towelroot v5 Apk | Towelroot App

The Towelroot app is one of the best rooting app available for the Android devices. The Android users like to root their devices to install the few most selected apps which are only installed on the rooted devices and the Towelroot v5 apk is the best option for them which basically assists the user to root their Android device in some current and it works smoothly. If you are searching for the small, but the fast rooting tool without connecting your device to the computer, then the Towelroot app is the ideal app for you. It is the small rooting tool which offers one tap button to complete the process within the few moments.

For those users who want the excellent rooting tool which is small in size and who wants a bit of space on the device storage and can provide the quick service, then Towelroot android app is must for them. The app is arriving with the number of outstanding features and it works automatically after just one single tap. The users which not have the sufficient idea about how to root their device, then it is not the issue for the Towelroot android apk users because it is very handy and the straightforward to carry out in a simple way. The main benefit for apply the app is that you don’t need to connect your PC to root your Android device and its process is not a dangerous issue for the learner. This awesome app is introduced by the XDA developer Geohot for the global users.


Towelroot android app is the popular and easy tool for the Android devices and other Smartphone devices which can allow you to root the Android devices including Nokia X series phones, Samsung Galaxy series and many other brands. The current version of Towelroot is v 5.0 and it is simply referred as Towelroot V5 APK . Once you install this app, then simply launch it and you will find the option saying “make it rain” and tap on that option will start rooting your device. If you are using tablet or phone which is in the list of Towelroot apk supported brands, then the tool will root your device within the seconds. Now, it will ask you to reboot your phone and with the rooting, you will get the Android rooted device in your hand.

Features of Towelroot v5 apk :

You are interested to know about the features of the Towelroot v5 Apk, so below we are going to discuss the Towelroot v5 app feature:

  • One click rooting tool  : The Towelroot is an easy and uncomplicated one click rooting tool for the Android phones and tablet application. To apply it, install it by following the simple steps, then run and tap to get the result.
  • Tiny sized : It is the smallest but an effective rooting tool which sized near to 100kb.
  • It supports many devices : The app works on the board model of an Android device which powered by the Android 2.2 to Android 4.4. The app works on the Android devices by AT and T and Verizon.
  • It works without PC : The app works without the connection to PC or USB cable because it comes with the simple user – friendly process.
  • Works an offline : The Towelroot app never wants an online connection to root your devices. If the app is not installed, then you need SuperSU app to install using internet.

Benefits of rooting by using Towelroot v5 Apk :

There are lots of benefit of rooting your Android phone or tablet by using this particular app like the complete right of entry to system files and the apps with the capability to adjust them for your own needs, power to access the internal storage to delete the useless files and uninstall the built-in or the pre-installed unnecessary apps which added by the manufacturer and it consumed the enough memory on your device, it improves the speed of your device by remove the unnecessary files and the apps from external storage, power to install the lots of exceptional apps and the inappropriate apps also which basically rooted device and unlock the several features of your Android Operating system which is locked by the manufacturer.

Download Towelroot v5 Apk and Install on your Android device

  • Firstly, you need to download the Towelroot Apk file and you have to download the latest version of Towelroot android app from the official website.
  • Once you download it, then you need to locate the downloaded Apk file of Towelroot on your device.
  • Tap on the Towelroot.Apk file to install it on your phone.
  • Wait and allow the Towelroot apk to install on your Android device.
  • Now Towelroot app is successfully installed on your Android device.

How to Root Android with Towelroot v5 Apk :

I hope all of you have installed the Towelroot app on your Android device by following the steps are mention above in the article. Now root Android with Towelroot app without PC, then you have to follow the steps are given below:

  • Open the Towelroot android App which you have installed.
  • Click on that button which says “make it rain” to start the root your device.
  • Once the rooting process is complete, then you will be able to have the root access on your device.
  • To check that your Android has been successfully rooted or not, you need to install an application called “Root Checker“.
  • Now you have to install another app which is known as “SuperSU“. The app is available on the Google Play Store.
  • The SuperSU will ask you to update the SU Binary.
  • The whole process has been completed, and then you need to restart your Android device.


I hope after reading this article you will get the knowledge about Towelroot v5 Apk. In this article, we provide you the installation process of Towelroot android app and steps to root your device by using the Towelroot app. If still, you have any query, then comment on the comment which is available at the bottom of the page.