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The Towelroot app is one of the best rooting app available for the Android devices. The Android users like to root their devices to install the few most selected apps which are only installed on the rooted devices and the Towelroot v5 apk is the best option for them which basically assists the user to root their Android device in some current and it works smoothly. If you are searching for the small, but the fast rooting tool without connecting your device to the computer, then the Towelroot app is the ideal app for you. It is the small rooting tool which offers one tap button to complete the process within the few moments.

For those users who want the excellent rooting tool which is small in size and who wants a bit of space on the device storage and can provide the quick service, then Towelroot android app is must for them. The app is arriving with the number of outstanding features and it works automatically after just one single tap. The users which not have the sufficient idea about how to root their device, then it is not the issue for the Towelroot android apk users because it is very handy and the straightforward to carry out in a simple way. The main benefit for apply the app is that you don’t need to connect your PC to root your Android device and its process is not a dangerous issue for the learner. This awesome app is introduced by the XDA developer Geohot for the global users.


Towelroot android app is the popular and easy tool for the Android devices and other Smartphone devices which can allow you to root the Android devices including Nokia X series phones, Samsung Galaxy series and many other brands. The current version of Towelroot is v 5.0 and it is simply referred as Towelroot V5 APK . Once you install this app, then simply launch it and you will find the option saying “make it rain” and tap on that option will start rooting your device. If you are using tablet or phone which is in the list of Towelroot apk supported brands, then the tool will root your device within the seconds. Now, it will ask you to reboot your phone and with the rooting, you will get the Android rooted device in your hand.

Features of Towelroot v5 apk :

You are interested to know about the features of the Towelroot v5 Apk, so below we are going to discuss the Towelroot v5 app feature:

  • One click rooting tool  : The Towelroot is an easy and uncomplicated one click rooting tool for the Android phones and tablet application. To apply it, install it by following the simple steps, then run and tap to get the result.
  • Tiny sized : It is the smallest but an effective rooting tool which sized near to 100kb.
  • It supports many devices : The app works on the board model of an Android device which powered by the Android 2.2 to Android 4.4. The app works on the Android devices by AT and T and Verizon.
  • It works without PC : The app works without the connection to PC or USB cable because it comes with the simple user – friendly process.
  • Works an offline : The Towelroot app never wants an online connection to root your devices. If the app is not installed, then you need SuperSU app to install using internet.

Benefits of rooting by using Towelroot v5 Apk :

There are lots of benefit of rooting your Android phone or tablet by using this particular app like the complete right of entry to system files and the apps with the capability to adjust them for your own needs, power to access the internal storage to delete the useless files and uninstall the built-in or the pre-installed unnecessary apps which added by the manufacturer and it consumed the enough memory on your device, it improves the speed of your device by remove the unnecessary files and the apps from external storage, power to install the lots of exceptional apps and the inappropriate apps also which basically rooted device and unlock the several features of your Android Operating system which is locked by the manufacturer.

Download Towelroot v5 Apk and Install on your Android device

  • Firstly, you need to download the Towelroot Apk file and you have to download the latest version of Towelroot android app from the official website.
  • Once you download it, then you need to locate the downloaded Apk file of Towelroot on your device.
  • Tap on the Towelroot.Apk file to install it on your phone.
  • Wait and allow the Towelroot apk to install on your Android device.
  • Now Towelroot app is successfully installed on your Android device.

How to Root Android with Towelroot v5 Apk :

I hope all of you have installed the Towelroot app on your Android device by following the steps are mention above in the article. Now root Android with Towelroot app without PC, then you have to follow the steps are given below:

  • Open the Towelroot android App which you have installed.
  • Click on that button which says “make it rain” to start the root your device.
  • Once the rooting process is complete, then you will be able to have the root access on your device.
  • To check that your Android has been successfully rooted or not, you need to install an application called “Root Checker“.
  • Now you have to install another app which is known as “SuperSU“. The app is available on the Google Play Store.
  • The SuperSU will ask you to update the SU Binary.
  • The whole process has been completed, and then you need to restart your Android device.


I hope after reading this article you will get the knowledge about Towelroot v5 Apk. In this article, we provide you the installation process of Towelroot android app and steps to root your device by using the Towelroot app. If still, you have any query, then comment on the comment which is available at the bottom of the page.

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