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Tutuapp for IOS: Now you can download many of apps and games from the official store as like Apples’s App store, But the fact is that they don’t have all the apps that which you may need. even if they are available you need to pay for them and use. For example, if you want to record or need to capture the screen of your IOS, you need to install a screen recording app. Now if such app is not available on your app store. so, what you gonna do?

Now you can install the third- party app marketplace app called Tutuapp on your IOS Handset or Device. By doing this so, you will access to use thousands of apps, like screen recorders, like which are not available on in the app store. And, also now you can download many tweaks and also hacked games and plenty more other apps. In the Blog we gonna help you how to install the Tutuapp on IOS without having any Jailbreak the device. Stay tuned!

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How to download Tutuapp for IOS 10, 10.2, 10.3 On iphone?

As per my knowledge you might have already guessed that Tutuapp IOS cannot be downloaded from the official App store. That is why we will use the workaround, Which is also called as the side-loading. it is very safe and secured and it is practiced by millions pf the users over the worldwide.

If you can remember, earlier,side-loading could not be done or completed without jail breaking the IOS Device or Handset. Thankfully, The developers have made it and invented the way to sidesteps the hassles and ramification of jail breaking. hence, this article or Write-up, we gonna see how to download Tutuapp for IOS without any Jail breaking.

Device and Platform Compatibility: Now this is the most important factor to be considered before we start for the installing process. That good news is that Tutuapp IOS is completely compatible with very wide range of the devices. Now the most and interesting news is that the Tutuapp for IOS download is available on the latest firmware and device version as well.Vshare is the best alternative app for tutuapp but vshare is getting an error called which is the major disadvantage in it.

Now you can install Tutuapp for IOS 10 and all of it’s supporting files.
But the app is available on IOS 9 and all replication

As far as the devices are Concerned, Now you can install Tutuapp for Iphone,Ipod Touch and Ipad with Compatible IOS.

Now Tutuapp can also be downloaded on the oldest version of the IOS. But it may not be that stable as you would like to use. For exemplar you could download tutuapp IOS app for Ipad running IOS 8. However, now it has been optimized  for the most recent firmware versions.

Now if you want to check the compatible on IOS , Now go to the settings app >> Open General>> Select About.

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Follow the Below mentioned steps to install Tutuapp on IOS 10 (Iphone 7/7/6 Plus/Ipad ):

Now with device compatibility checked, let’s Now see how get it done or install Tutuapp on IOS. Here are step by step process:

  • Now Tap on your Safari browser on the IOS device. Please be aware of the fake sites as i said which may cause jail breaking on your device.
  • Now open this link in your Safari
  • Now when the page is loading (Now it may take some little bit of time) Now you can see two options on your screen like, VIP and Regular/Free: Click on the option called Regular/free to Install tutuapp for free.
  • Now on the next web page you need to click on the Button that reads”Download Now” It’s a very big download bar, which can be seen on the screen. you can find the very easily.
  • Click “Install” On the confirmation pop-up that appears on the screen whether to download or not or wish to install Tutuapp.
  • Now the installation process will begin immediately and now you can go back to the IOS home scrren. Here, now you can see a Tutuapp Icon dimmed. you need to wait untill the app get’s installed to use the app successfully.
  • Now even it’s done with the installation completely, you may not be able to use the app or run the app. Some of the “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” error will be keep on popping up. This can be taken very easily without any tension.

Now if you have installed Tutuapp for IOS 10.2.1 now you need to trust the profile first. Here are some of the step:

  1. Now open the settings on your IOS.
  2. Go to the general settings.
  3. Select the option called ‘Profiles & Device Management’.
  4. Now find and tap on the enterprise profile for Tutuapp.
  5. Now the final step  is “Trust It”.
  6. Now you can easily able to run this Tutuapp on your IOS device without any Problems.


Now there is no other market place where you can find this type of app called Tutuapp at this time for sure.  it’s app collection highly incredible and it’s interface is simply superb and also very- friendly. There is everything that available what you need through this third-party store. Now just go ahead and give a try. it’s absolutely free of cost. you will certainly be surprised for sure. Good Day!

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