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Hi friends here i’m writing a simple article about Flashing App For Android.If you are the Android addict, then you are probably running the custom ROM right now. That is awesome, the process takes to get there is hard as the fun. The only compounds upon itself if you are what people call the “frequent flasher”. On the off chance that you streak the new ROM once in a while or you get a kick out of the chance to frequently refresh your telephone with the most current ROMs, you are well acquainted with the trials and blow it takes to arrive.

For doing this you need to download the right file, then transfer them to your phone, download the Google apps, take the backup of your current ROM and apps, boot it into recovery and finally flash it. But still, your work is not completely done. Next, you need to boot up, sign in and restore your apps. If you are doing this about once in a month, then it is manageable and it can even be fun.

It totally depends on your tolerance level, flashing can get irritating quickly. Your time could be spent playing with the cool features of your ROM.

If you ever want to flash a new ROM on your Android device but did not have the patience to deal with the whole flashing process, then I remember spending hours trying to transfer, flash, download, reboot, wait, reboot, all just to try out the new ROM. I don’t have the time for this anymore and it had been nicer to able flash the ROM straight from the app with an emotional interface. Some of the apps are available on the Google Play Store.

Before we go on, I must tell you that the flashing an Android ROM is not the new procedure. It is similar to switch on your phone operating system and if you make the mistake, then you could end up surface your phone. There are lots of great ROMs out there which can really transform your phone into the something special, but it comes with the risks.

Here is the List of Top Flashing apps For Android:

1 ) CM Updater Flashing App :

You can easily find it by going into the settings -> About phone -> CyanogenMod updates. It depends on your device stability with the CM and your personal courage, then you can find the new nightlies to download it every couple of days. The nightly builds are classified as unstable, but do not stop the majority of flasher from using them especially the Android enthusiast. If you prefer to be more on the safe side, then choose the Milestone or Snapshot releases.

Select the type of update which you are looking for the Update types and then tap check for updates. You will see the list of new releases. Tap on the button on the right edge of the release name to download it. Once it downloaded, then tap on the same button to flash it. It means you won’t have to perform the recovery yourself. Within a couple of minutes, you will have an updated ROM.

2 ) ROM Manager Flashing App :

The ROM Manager is one of the best apps when it comes to managing ROMs. It supports your device completely, it is the best piece of software of any flasher can have. Not only will update the ClockworkMod recovery for you, and it will do the things like downloading the fresh ROMs, flash them, even take the backup of your current ROM or restore the old ones directly from the app. When you have chosen your alternatives, at that point the application will consequently reboot into recuperation and play out the doled out errand without requesting any assistance from your side.

The free version of ROM Manager is ad-supported with the limited feature. The pro version will give you the premium list of downloaded ROMs and it even offers the delta updates. Instead of downloading the whole ROM file, you can only download the changes.

The free version of the app is great for creating and managing the backups for the entire system. It will allow you to transfer the backups to your PC over the air. If you are using the CWM ROM Manager is one of the best ways to keep your recovery up to date.

3 ) Flashify Flashing App :

The Flashify is the new ROM Management app which has been tested and conforms to work with the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and Nexus 4. All the other devices are under the “your own risk” policy, but in most of the part, it should work well enough. The Flashify has the pretty interface which I have really taken to like and it has the various number of features to go along with it.

  • It flashes the multiple ROMs at once.
  • It integrates neatly with most Android file explorer apps.
  • The flash ROMs without entering recovery mode.
  • The backup and restore using your SD card or the Dropbox. With the help of Dropbox, you can sync across the devices as well.

You can use the Flashify app for free with only one limitation, it allows you to flash up to 3 times in a day. But with an in-app purchase for just $1.99 USD, you can remove that limitation. Just like all the other tools in this roundup, the Flashify requires your phone to root in order to work.

4 ) Gapps Manager Flashing App :

If you want to update or install the ROMs in an old fashioned way, that is, booting into the manually and recovery select the option, then you also have to download the ROM file and Gapps on your own. Find the Gapps these days are getting more difficult because each small release of the Android needs the new set. You also have to choose the essential Gapps, the medium package, and all the other apps. In the total, these take up more than the 200MB.


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